Microwave Cookware

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Description: include YH-6008, YH-7005A, YH-7008, and YH-7009, all with black handle
Description: Microwave 13 pieces cooker set, potato cooker x 2, egg poacher w / lid x 1, Bacon rack x 1, hot dog cooker & bun warmer x 1, divided corn steamer w / lid x 1, cook-in holders x 4.
Description: micro-okay 16 pieces set, potato baker w / handle x 1 ( 2 pcs ), triple cooker w / Lid x 1 (4 pcs), pot & steam pot w / lid x 1 ( 3 pcs), simple pizza (bacon) tray x 1 ( 1pc), Stir lid (1 pc), casseroles w / lid & steam rack x 1 (3pcs). high dom lid (1pc), instruction book(1pc)
Description: Deluxe microwave cookware set, include YH-7001 x 2, YH-7002 x 2 YH-7003 x 2 and YH-7004 x 4, total 20pcs in one box.
Description: each set include YH-1001A x 2set, YH-1002, YH-1003 YH-1004, YH-1006, YH-1010, YH-4000, & YH-3002L, M, S, total 23 pcs in one gift box.
Description: include YH-2005, YH-4000B, YH-7002, YH-7003, YH-7004 and YH-7011, all with pp cover and marble spots